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It was all a DREAM! Biggie Smalls is one of the greatest and one of our all time favorite artists. We created this special leche pack to honor his music and memory. You'll get the following:


Big Poppa   - Matcha Banana -Poppy-Hemp-Oat milk packed with 20 grams of protein and a really original flavor like Big Poppa himself


NOTORIOUS - Turmeric Ginger Banana Oat Milk - smooth, creamy gold with a kick


Juicy - Orange Pineapple Coconut Milk - Made with fresh Coconut milk & Cold Pressed juicy!


Life After Death Oats - Raw Oats Meal with Matcha, Banana Chips, Activated Charcoal and hemp seeds 


*None of these have any added sweetner or dates, just natural sugars in the fruit. Nut, Soy, & Gluten Free!


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