Frida Kahlo Pack

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July is Frida’s month as she was born July 6th and passed away July 13th. Mexican Icon and Artist her image represents so much strength and independence. Our Frida inspired pack includes 5 leches:Frida-Esperanza, Café y Poesía already a favorite we premiered at the SOMA last year in her honor is our Cold Brew Coffee with Cardamom, Cacao and Coconut Cream. Weeping Coconuts is made with all the fruit displayed in the famous painting - Coconut Milk with Papaya, Passion Fruit & Cantaloupe. Alcatraz de Diego - Diego Rivera brought some sweet & sour moments  to her life this Oat milk is made with Soursop( Guanábana) and superfood Alfalfa, Moringa, Spirulina and lightly sweetened with Dates. Kahlo- Cactus Pitayas grow all over Coyoacán Mexico the place of Frida’s Birth this inspired us to create this delicious Coconut Milk with Bright Red Pitayas and a touch of Blue Agave syrup.La Casa Azul - The Blue House was Frida’s childhood home, now a museum housing her personal belongings, art and treasured pieces. We created a Butterfly Pea Flower Tea made with a touch of blood orange peelsThis magical tea that turns blue with acidic ingredients is a natural pain reliever it seemed perfect for a woman that suffered so much pain in her life. We hope you love them as much as we loved creating these flavors for you. 
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