Leche Philosophy



We source all our coffee direct from one farm in Sierra Madre Chiapas Mexico. The popularity of coffee in the US has created unfair competition practices that has negatively affected coffee farmers by forcing them to lower their prices. By eliminating the middle men and third party importers we can pay coffee farmers the fair price while still keeping our price to you reasonable.

All our coffee is roasted in small batches to maintain freshness and enhance flavor. Medium Roast is ideal in order to truly draw out the taste notes that are naturally found in these mineral rich beans. Cold brew coffee helps maintain the integrity of coffee bean by slow brewing over time instead of using heat. This process is also easier to digest, has a lower acidity level and about half the caffeine as regular hot brewed coffee.

We will soon expand our offerings to include single estate organic coffee from Guatemala, Oaxaca and Comala Jalisco.

Our bestselling Cold Brews are creamy concoctions that are blended with Oats or Nuts to give you the cafe con leche creaminess without the added water.Check out our online shop for more information and to order yours today!





Leche is spanish for Milk, we wanted to create new ways of enjoying Dairy free milks while making the world a better place. All our leches are made with Gluten Free Oats, Nuts, Seeds and Fruit. No preservatives so they must be enjoyed within 5-7 days.


We are a true Latinx company, as such we think it's important to show the wide variety of flavors that our culture has to offer. All our teas represent this vision by combining common Latin American ingredients like Tamarind, Hibiscus, and Cinnamon in new ways with Rose Petals, Star of Anise, Orange Peel and Cloves to name a few. We honor our culture by naming all our creations after our Pop Culture, Artists and Musicians that inspired us throughout our life. Our  Chun-tea, Te Tacuba and Como La Flor teas are just one more way to #drinkleche.

Our Planet

We believe in Planet over Profits that's why all our products are in glass or paper products. We upcycle all our post production ingredients into desserts or beauty products. Try our Como La Flor lip scrub it's our bestseller!